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Digi Stamp / Image  Information

 *My digital stamps are all original.....drawn my me.
 *Digi stamps come in jpeg and png formats - 300 DPI.
 *Pngs have a transparent background
 *Digi Stamps come in a zip file .  
 *All Digital Stamps are sold in black and white , colored if shown.
 *words come with image as a separate file in most cases 
  *Copyright for images remains with Bugaboo stamps.

*Bugaboo stamps is an angel company! 
*You CAN sell your products made with our digi stamps.
*use them to make stationary, tags, cards, scrap-booking pages,projects etc
*use them in ATC swaps
*use them for educational purposes, fundraising etc with my permission

*anything else you can think of as long as it is within our TOU.


*resell, share or give away my graphics, colored or uncolored, including image swaps
*Use them to produce rubber stamps,clear stamps, etc without permission
* You may not use my images for mass printing
*alter the images, including coloring to sell and call them your own.
*digitally color the images, add text and spread them across the internet via social networks.
* use my digi stamps on cafe press,zazzle etc.
*digitally color them for download, this includes CUP and other print on demand sites
* Basically don't share them!
**due to some issues you may NOT use my digi stamps on crafts u print site, nor similar sites!!


*Orders are placed securely with your Paypal/credit card OR Stripe
 *you will be emailed links to download your files.n Instant Download.
 *links are sent by 3dcart instantly
 *There are no refunds offered on digital products.

These are not rubber stamps!!

*credit MUST be given to Bugaboo where the designs are displayed Please.
If you do not wish to leave credit, Please email me for information on a no credit commercial fee!

* FREEBIES - may be digitized and offered to your groups etc as a freebie, & on products for sale
HOWEVER I ask that you do not use my freebies to SELL AS EMBROIDERY DESIGNS.
(sorry, too many have taken advantage were not a single purchase was made over 10 years.
JUST the freebies , digitize and sell them for years to come as profit.


* I've been out of the digitizing and embroidery side of things for some time so if you have
questions or I'm forgetting something just email me!

*custom work needed? email me for your needs!

Bugaboo Stamps reserves the right to modify these Terms of Use at any time, without notice.
Your use of the Bugaboo stamps site and your purchase of our products
 any time after any modifications constitutes your agreement to the modified Terms.
It is your responsibility to check for updates and changes to the Terms of Use

If you have any questions feel free to email me.

Thank you

Jodie Mackrell


What are Digi Stamps?

 *Digi stamps are images that you print from your computer .
They can be used just like rubber stamps!
 Do I need anything special?
*The only thing different you will need is a printer

What if my ink is smearing? 
*Ink smearing usually depends on your computer and or cardstock.
If it is smudging seal it with your heat gun!
?No heat gun?..try your hair dryer!?
And color away just like you would using a rubber stamp.

Here is another tip from Karen T  :

"The ink in ink-jet printers is not waterproof and if they get wet, they will run.
I learned way back when to use a spray "paint" that is "clear" 
It will seal the printer ink so that accidental wetness won't ruin the pic.
I use a brand called ColorPlace (a Wal-Mart Brand)

How are they different from rubber stamps?
  *Spacesavers! Back them up on your computer and to disk....thats it!?
You can also resize digi stamps, flip them, rotate them , customize them!
 *Print them out over and over again! NO WAITING!

Why are my images so big on my screen? 
 *Don't worry, they only look that big on your screen.
These digi stamps are made in 300 dpi for quality resizing and printouts.
 *Images are made for your printer, not your computer screen
I promise they wont print out that big .You get to choose how big they print
 *P.S. Most images are 4 - 6 inches....
 if they are twice that, your program is set to 150 dpi not 300
 *If you need help refer to my tutorial page

Do you give refunds?
 *Due to digi stamps being a digital product there are no refunds,
 however, if you have a problem all you have to do is email me

When do I receive my order?
 *Download is instant!
Once you purchase your order through PayPal,(your paypal account or a credit card)
you will receive an email with the link to download the file